Jeedy Arrietty

My name’s [ Jeedy ]
I'me 22 years old.
My birthday is the 31th of May 1991.
I’m from Thailand.
Glad to meet you. ^^

Don’t care what other people say

I know you fool around all day 

Now it doesn’t hurt me anyway  I am allright. 



It’s Me

OMG ! Super handsome,your body very Sexy and ……. >////////< 

Girls love girls and boys
And never did I think that I
Would be caught in the way you got me
But girls love girls and boys
And love is not a choice

There’s only one thing left here to say
Love’s never too late  ❤

I’m breaking free from these memories
Gotta let it go, just let it go
I’ve said goodbye, set it all on fire
Gotta let it go, just let it go 

Move on

" Love you… It’s funny how two words can take up so little space on a piece of paper, but fill up ALL of the space in my heart. "